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Middlefield ESG Policy
The primary objective of Middlefield's portfolio management team is to provide unitholders with competitive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term. It is our fiduciary responsibility to employ a disciplined investment process that seeks to identify attractive investment opportunities and evaluate all known and unknown risks that could impact portfolio returns. We do this by applying a consistent process to identify investment opportunities and by closely monitoring each of our holdings on an ongoing basis.
Consistent with these objectives, our process integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related analysis. ESG has become an important component of a complete and thorough investment analysis. We believe the integration of ESG analysis will result in a more fulsome understanding of a company's strategy, culture and sustainability.
Our Process
We incorporate ESG data/scores in our multi-disciplined investment process to evaluate investments. Our methodology includes a qualitative review and assignment of ESG scores to individual holdings. Each company is analyzed on an absolute basis and measured relative to its peers. The ESG data/scores do not govern investment decisions on their own. They are reviewed and considered alongside our fundamental, quantitative and qualitative research.
The Scoring System
Middlefield's scoring system utilizes the average ESG scores from three reputable third-party data providers. In addition, we cross- reference potential investments with the constituents of leading ESG indexes to assess their eligibility in ESG-focused mandates. The data providers we have chosen to incorporate into our ESG analysis include:
A global leader in ESG and Corporate Governance research and ratings, Sustainalytics supports hundreds of the world's leading investors to incorporate ESG and corporate governance insights into their investment processes. Its coverage spans 11,000 companies across 40 industry-specific metrics.
Robeco is an asset management firm focused exclusively on sustainable investing. The firm launched the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in 1999 and has developed expertise in defining and measuring ESG information.
Bloomberg's proprietary ESG disclosure score measures the amount of ESG data a company reports publicly that is relevant to its industry sector. Its coverage spans more than 11,500 companies in 83 countries. ESG data is fully integrated with all of Bloomberg's analytics and can be compared alongside other key ratios and financial performance indicators.
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